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PandoLabs is Park City’s entrepreneurial community; connecting Park City entrepreneurs to one another and with the rest of Utah. PandoLabs is not a traditional networking group. It’s an execution network managed by GroupCurrent. We are an invite-only network of the most active and engaged entrepreneurs, capital providers, and service providers in Utah. We focus on matching people, setting the stage for collaboration, and creating an atmosphere for entrepreneurial success. Together we make sure everyone’s entrepreneurial ventures are moving forward efficiently and effectively with the necessary resources and capital when you need it. Thank you very much for joining the community!

Apply for membership by clicking the Memberships tab and registering for “Membership Initiation and Application”.

    Members receive the following benefits:

    • Free EventsSocialize, learn from and collaborate with like-minded professionals at our events and workshops.
    • Community. Share your expertise and challenges with the community. Find other members who you can help and who can help you via our online member community.
    • Curated introductions. We’ll help you meet others by introducing you and setting the stage for collaboration.
    • Perks and experiences. Our perk partners provide exclusive discounts and access to local services, products, and experiences.
    • Guest privileges. Bring one guest to any event or workshop.
    • Invest in Park City. Help Park City’s entrepreneurial community grow and thrive.
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    Execution Events and Listen, Learn, & Help Workshops

    Please see our calendar for upcoming execution events and listen, learn, and help workshops.

    David Bieber

    David Bieber

    PandoLabs Managing Director, GroupCurrent Co-founder

    Rick Lindquist

    Rick Lindquist

    GroupCurrent Co-founder