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We connect Park City entrepreneurs to one another and with the rest of Utah. We focus on matching people, setting the stage for collaboration, and creating an atmosphere for entrepreneurial success. Together we make sure everyone’s entrepreneurial ventures are moving forward efficiently and effectively with the necessary resources and capital when you need it.

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What members say about us

"I was very fortunate to meet David Bieber at the PandoLabs May Event. The community of entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers that he has brought together enabled me to quickly meet people who have been very helpful in the early stages of launching Xmetryx. PandoLabs offers an extraordinary opportunity for every member to get support from the community while giving back to other members."Jeb Hurley, Xmetryx
"PandoLabs is exactly the community I have been looking for in Utah. Being both a female and a new resident moving from Chicago two years ago, I struggled to find a group of like minded individuals who share similar experiences in entrepreneurship and women in tech. David has been instrumental in providing me with valuable connections with other members of the community. It has been such a great experience meeting and learning from the group, and I look forward to cultivating more relationships."Taylor Buckley, My School Dance
"Park City is unique in that it's a small community with vast resources and talent, but it's hyper-fragmented. PandoLabs gift to entrepreneurs in the area is connecting this community. Regardless of resume and education, the most unique part of the community is it's members and their universal willingness to help each other. As someone who doesn't love to network in the traditional sense, I'm astonished by the people I've met through PandoLabs."Jonathan Kantor, Peak Five
"My name is Kyle Rosebush and I’ve been a member of the PandoLabs community for over a year now and the relationship has provided exceptional value as we scale our business. They have been a true partner in helping build our go to market strategy while providing world class connections and solutions that we otherwise would not be able to obtain. It’s communities like PandoLabs that enable our business to scale efficiently and establish a long term foundation for top tier resources and problem solving. We look forward to many years of collaboration with PandoLabs."Kyle Rosebusch, Everee
"Originally I didn’t understand how I would fit into PandoLabs. Young businessmen and women and retired successful businessmen and women. I’m not either. However what I have found to be so incredible about PandoLabs is that everyone is active, engaged and willing to listen and learn from each other. As a result I have met and begun working with and/or collaborating with Givego, Cycling Chicks, and hired a D1 hockey player and graduate of Dartmouth. Most recently we will be meeting with True Adherence. Businesses have the ability to excel when you can think creatively and find ways to merge your ideas with other like-minded businesses or individuals."Linda Graves, Athletic Republic
"The PandoLabs community is super rad and always a good time. I love people who are passionate about doing cool things and actually making it happen. David Bieber has done an incredible job making PandoLabs into the success it is today. It is full of talented and gifted people. Sometimes we take community for granted, but in a world that seems paradoxically connected through social media, it is nice to see real people giving it their best in a collective effort to help those around them. The PandoLabs community is a breath of fresh air, a refill of energy when the going gets tough and a network that has massive potential."Benjamin Dent, Hallo
"David is an amazing person with tons of knowledge. I appreciate that he takes the time to connect and understand where you on your entrepreneurial journey. The night I met David at a startup pitch competition, I was lost and questioned myself if I could still build StealTix. He has mentored me and connected me to the Pandolabs community. David will do everything within reach to see you and your business succeed."Gladymir Phillippe, StealTix
"50% of the time I come for the fry bread, and 100% of the time I come for the people. I've enjoyed meeting everyone I have at PandoLabs, and I know I'm only scratching the surface of relationships that may come from it. I joined the PandoLabs community as a member of my consulting company Wayland Partners. On my way to the November meeting I felt the desire to join a startup with a great product, a big vision, and in need of some business development help. I revised my elevator pitch on route in my car. The first person I connected with was Josh Unice, who I had been a groomsman with for a mutual friend's wedding last Fall. After I shared my elevator pitch, it was a perfect fit, and I joined the team at Everee before the end of the year. I'm deeply grateful for the PandoLabs community. The people are goodhearted, hard working professionals making their mark in the world. I'm thankful that the community facilitated my most recent career move within an hour of my decision to make it!"Jonathan Engle, Everee
"PandoLabs, led by David Bieber, has been an integral part of launching our start up in Utah. The community that surrounds PandoLabs is supportive, encouraging and helpful. As an entrepreneur, it’s nice to know that PandoLabs has my back. Willie is the Founder of Givego, a subscription service that allows you to be coached, at your convenience. All coaches are Givego Certified - that means they are either a professional athlete or professional coach."Willie Ford, Givego

Our Partners

PandoLabs offers two types of partnerships; Legacy Community and Community. Current partners include local businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, chambers of commerce, school districts, service providers, and capital providers. We expect our partners to prioritize relationships and helping our community achieve entrepreneurial success over selling services. To learn more, please contact us at [email protected].

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