About PandoLabs

Park City is a special place. Its nature and outdoor lifestyle are second-to-none. It’s within a 30-minute drive to a major city and an international airport. It provides access to significant retired intellectual and financial capital. And it already has a budding startup scene. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on making Park City a destination for startups.

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PandoLabs is Park City’s entrepreneurial community; connecting Park City entrepreneurs to one another and with the rest of Utah. We focus on matching people, setting the stage for collaboration, and creating an atmosphere for entrepreneurial success. Together we make sure everyone’s entrepreneurial ventures are moving forward efficiently and effectively with the necessary resources and capital when you need it.

Pando is an aspen clone that originated from a single seed and spreads by sending up new shoots from the expanding root system. Pando is believed to be the largest, most dense organism ever found at nearly 13 million pounds. The clone spreads over 106 acres, consisting of over 40,000 individual trees, located in central Utah on the Fishlake National Forest (USDA Forest Service).

That’s what we’re trying to do for the greater Park City area, connect people, grow ventures, and improve lives.

Our Community

150 Members
18 Partners
1 Community

Vision for the greater Park City Area

In the next 15 years, we want to see this startup scene bloom. We envision a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem with hundreds of innovative startups working hard, succeeding, and supporting one another. We want to accelerate this vision by building two entrepreneurial bridges: First, we want to connect the existing Park City people to one another. And second, we want to connect Park City to the rest of Utah. We have done this by creating a member-based community where both groups can come together to help everyone succeed. PandoLabs is that community.

Mission and point of view

We exist to make Park City a destination for startups. Park City’s entrepreneurial community is growing every year. It’s also home or part-time home to some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the world. Yet, there was no single place for entrepreneurs, service providers, and capital providers to come together, socialize, and help one another succeed.

PandoLabs connects Park City entrepreneurs to one another and with the rest of Utah. We have members and partners across the state and hold regular events and workshops to help entrepreneurs build relationships and help everyone succeed.

Community Guidlines

PandoLabs is not a traditional community. One of our key differentiators is how we prioritize behavior and relationships above programming and profits. This helps us ensure quality interactions and sustainable relationships between members while also protecting members from mentor fatigue. We are authentic, collaborative, and we put the community before self-interest. We expect staff, members, and partners to support the following guidelines:

Member eligibility requirements: To be eligible for and maintain membership, you must:

  1. Submit an application online
  2. Be an entrepreneur, capital provider, or service provider
  3. Be active and engaged with the Pandolabs community
  4. Act in accordance with our behavioral standards
Behavioral standards: Here are some guidelines that reflect the PandoLabs values. If you have concerns about someone’s behavior, please submit concerns to [email protected]

  • Be authentic. Be vulnerable about the problems you are facing. Be transparent about how you can help other members. Be honest when you can’t help.
  • Be collaborative. Seek ways to help other community members. Use welcoming and inclusive language. Show empathy towards other community members.
  • Put the community above self-interest. Be thoughtful of other members’ time and needs. Be respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences. Be considerate when reaching out to other members.
Guest privileges: We encourage members to bring guests to events. All members can bring one guest to any event or workshop that they attend. If you are unable to attend and would still like to invite a guest, please email [email protected] to request this. If we can accommodate your guest, we’ll make sure he or she has a good time. And if you have extra guests you would like to bring to events, please email [email protected] to request this. We very much want potential members to experience PandoLabs events. We appreciate your help and support in building such an amazing community!