Everyone is invited to join the PandoLabs; Park City’s entrepreneurial community. New members and partners learn about the community through word-of-mouth and getting to know current members and partners of our community. One of our key differentiators is how we prioritize behavior and relationships above everything else. We are authentic, collaborative, and we put the community before self-interest.

Membership: To register for membership, please complete the form! You will receive a welcome email with a summary of your registration, all of your details and access to the mobile app. Once you complete the form, please click the "Pay with Card" button and submit payment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Members receive the following benefits:

  1. Events: In an effort to promote ongoing education and collaboration amongst the PandoLabs community, we host regular events for community members. Each event will feature a different speaker and cover a variety of topics. Previous events can be found in the "Resource Repository" section of the app.
  2. Member Directory: The member directory contains profiles for each member of the PandoLabs Community. You can use the member directory to learn more about other members, identify help and support, find people who share similar industries and specialties/areas of expertise, and connect through your preferred channel (email, phone, or social media).
  3. Community Forum: Share your expertise and challenges with the community. Find other members who you can help and who can help you via our online community forum. Build your subject-matter expert network.
  4. Resource Repository: Access to previous events. Grow and learn with some of the leading subject-matter experts.
To be eligible for and maintain membership, you must:

  • Register for membership.
  • Be an entrepreneur, capital provider, or service provider.
  • Be active and engaged with the PandoLabs Community.
  • Act in accordance with our community guidelines.
  • Be thoughtful of other members time and needs.
We charge a small fee to cover our costs and help maintain a high-quality moderated community. Membership is $19.99 per month, and there is a one-time initiation fee of $149.99. You may cancel at any time. However, if you cancel and rejoin at a later time, the initiation fee will be reapplied. By completing the form, you agree to the terms and conditions, terms and conditions.